Sing Sing (The Story of Lion O. King)

by Lion O. King

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this is the story of Lion O. King
i was born in the desert, but born a king
i was naked, i was tiny
would i make it? would they find me?

they found me like a beautiful shell on a beach
tiny human being - completely out of reach

sing sing, everyone must see the King
sing sing, said Mulu and gave me this ring
sing sing one day you're gonna lead this world
and he took me from the dirt

so i lived with them till the age of five
when Mulu said you've got the drive
you gotta strive for mastery
go someplace else, don't follow me

i was only five when say sent me away
i was only five, can't believe it today

sing sing, boy you gotta see the world
sing sing, they're waiting for you to be heard
sing sing, power don't come easily
try it in the land of the free

so i find myself on the streets of New yYork
with nothing to eat and no one to talk (to)
this can't be the usa
where are the dreams and where's the way?

you wouldn't believe how lonely it can feel
from king to thief within less than 13 years

sing sing, five thousand days in America
sing sing, and i've already gone way too far
sing sing, i've killed a man in drunkenness
i'm about to confess

i could not live as a criminal
so i handed myself in
this is how i ended up
in this New York loony bin

so i'm sitting here all chained up at my desk
telling you, about my biggest test

sing sing, a hundred ways to lose your name
sing sing, i wish you well, don't lose this game
sing sing, it's hard to find the reason why
you're the catcher in the rye


released June 30, 2019
Music & Words: Lion O. King.
Produced by Matthias Wagemann.
Mix: Lorenz Blümler.
Mastering: Mike Rubin.

Cover Artwork: J.P. Applewine.


all rights reserved



Lion O. King Berlin, Germany

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